Greater security, professionalism, and comfort:

Secure emails with stands for a high level of security and data protection. Email security is the essential foundation of our professional, secure service and combines a secure email mailbox with convenience, reliability, and exceptional product quality.


Server-side transport encryption via SSL/TLS and PFS

We have used server-side transport encryption for years to protect and secure your email communications. Transfer of your data is encrypted. As a supplement to our security measures, we also use PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) with transport encryption. The use of PFS ensures that even if our secret main key is lost, the email communication that is sent via TLS cannot be decrypted by third parties.

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Data protection

  • Anonymous registration for FreeMail and PremiumMail
  • Anonymous payment for PremiumMail via bitcoin or paysafecard
  • Verified data protection from "Datatree AG", an independent company from Germany
  • High-security data centre in Germany which follows the stringent federal data protection regulations
  • Option for automatic encryption of incoming emails via PGP or S/MIME.
  • IP stripping (no localisation possible based on the IP)
  • Encrypted storage of all passwords and personal data

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The innovative DANE and DNSSEC encryption technology is used as the foundation for signed, forgery-proof DNS answers (digital fingerprint) and the use of such technology can also ensure encrypted transmission of emails even across national borders:

  • Authentication of an SSL certificate before establishing the connection via a "digital fingerprint"
  • The authenticity of the sender of DANE information is ensured in conjunction with DNSSEC
  • Manipulation of data during transport is prevented
  • Securing mail and web servers
  • Securing the email address as well as all alias addresses
  • Securing all protocols (IMAP, POP3, CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV)

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DKIM signature signs all sent emails with a DKIM signature. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM for short) is an identification protocol for ensuring the authenticity of email senders. It was designed to help prevent unwanted messages such as spam or phishing. Recipients can therefore ensure that emails are really sent from from a server.

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2 faktor authentifizierung

Secure log-in via two-factor authentication

Our two-factor login within reinforces our efforts to provide you with optimal levels of security in combination with ease of use. We provide two methods of protecting the email account with a two-factor approach: The authenticator, and U2F devices.

The authenticator
An authenticator provides a second parameter that is required for access to your emails - the 6-digit authenticator code. This code is generated by an app that is provided for Android and iOS. The apps can be found in either the Apple AppStore (iPhone/iPad) or the Google PlayStore (Android).

U2F (Universal Second Factor)
The standardised U2F procedure requires a small device that is connected via USB or Bluetooth, and therefore ensures that only you can use the email account with this device. The U2F token can be used for other services that support this process as well as for U2F-capable devices can be bought from 5 CHF upwards.

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High level of security

TLS Secured
All websites are TLS-encrypted.
All protocols are available encrypted.
Verified data protection


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