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After you have signed into your webmailer, the first thing you will notice is your home page. Many different applications (widgets) with different functions (clock, calendar, etc.) are displayed on your home page. You have the option which widgets you would like to be displayed on your home page. You can also change the arrangement of your selected widgets.

Adding & removing Widgets

The navigation area is on the left. All available widgets are listed there. Most widgets can be added to the home page once. Some widgets, such as the "Note Pad", can be added multiple times to the home page. To add a widget, all you need to do is click on its name in the navigation area with the mouse. The widget is immediately displayed in the last position on the home page. In addition, if a widget can only be added once, the name in the navigation area will be displayed as inactive. If a widget can be added more than once, its name is still shown as active in the navigation area and has a plus sign when you move the mouse over it.

Rearranging the widgets

If you want to change the arrangement of the widgets on your home page, you can move them using drag & drop. As soon as you move the mouse pointer to the top edge of a widget, the pointer changes to a hand. Now you can move the widget to the desired position by holding down the left mouse button.

Changing the content of a widget

On some widgets, the displayed content can be changed. For example, you can use the weather widget to determine the location or the desired zip code. If the content of a widget can be adjusted, there is a pencil symbol in the top right corner next to the "x". Click on the symbol to enter the settings mode of the widget. After you made your settings, you need to confirm them by clicking on the green tick. The widget reappears in view mode.

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