Creating and editing a contact

You can create a contact inside or outside the address book. Outside the address book you can, for example, drag and drop an unknown e-mail address into the upper right box, enter further information if necessary and then save it as a new contact.

Creating a contact

If you would like to create a contact within the address book, simply click on the button "new contact". An empty contact form will open immediately in which you can enter the desired contact information. A contact must have at least one display name. If you do not enter a contact name, it will automatically be composed of the information you have entered in the first and last name fields. You have the option of entering up to 20 entries for each piece of information (e-mail address, telephone number, etc.). As soon as you have entered an e-mail address, for example, the buttons for adding a new input field and for removing the input field appear next to the input field. If you have entered several e-mail addresses, you can determine which one is to be the default e-mail address. This will then be used by default when selecting the contact. After you have entered the desired information for your contact, simply click on "Save". The dialogue is closed and your contact is displayed under "All contacts".

Private and Business Information

You can determine whether your entries for the new contact are private or business information. By default, each entry is saved as private information. You can quickly view all private entries under the "Private" tab when you select the contact later and all business entries under the "Business" tab. If a contact has private information stored, it is automatically assigned to the "private" group. If business information is stored, it is assigned to the "business" group. If both business and private information is stored, the contact is assigned to both groups.

Edit contact

If you would like to edit an existing contact, you only need to select it by clicking on it and then click on the "edit" button. The input form will open immediately, filled in with the existing contact information. These can now be edited, deleted or new information can be added. As soon as you have made your changes, simply click on "save" and the changes will be applied.

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