Creating and using a mailing list

If you would like to create an e-mail mailing list, click on the small arrow button of "New contact" in the address book and then on "Mailing list". Now enter a name for your mailing list, select your own profile picture for the mailing list if necessary and add the desired e-mail addresses. You can either enter the e-mail addresses yourself or use existing e-mail addresses of your contacts. In the mailing list area, where your contacts are usually displayed, you will now find all the e-mail addresses that are stored in your address book. If you want to use existing e-mail addresses, you only need to select the desired ones and click on the "Add" button. Both methods of adding e-mail addresses to the mailing list can of course be combined. Once your mailing list is complete, you only need to click on "save". The mailing list is immediately listed in the "Mailing list" group, under "All contacts" and can be accessed via the auto-complete function.

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