The application area is the largest area of your webmailer. Here we explain the mailbox:

  • (1) In the upper area you can switch between the different webmail applications. That is, between the home page, messages, address book, calendar and the online storage.
  • (2) The buttons required for e-mail communication can be found here. There you will find, for example, the buttons "Reply", "Forward", "Move", etc.
  • (3) Here you will find the various e-mail folders such as "Inbox", "Trash", "Spam", etc. - you will also find the separately created folders here.
  • (4) In this area you have the option of accessing the account settings and logging out of the account.
  • (5) The contents of the respective e-mail folder are displayed here.
  • (6) The preview of the content of the e-mail you select from the list is displayed here.
  • (7) Here you will find the "Toolbox" with its functions.
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