Compressing and decompressing files

In your online storage you have the option of compressing several files into one file (Zip archive). You can also decompress a zip archive.

Compressing files

If you want to download several files at the same time, you can compress (zip) them into one archive. To do this, select the desired files and click on "compress", select a name for the archive (zip file) and confirm by clicking on "ok". The zip archive is created in the folder containing the archived files. If you have set a filter before selecting, you may have selected files that are not in the same directory. In this case, you will find the Zip archive in the file inbox.

Decompress archive

If you have uploaded a Zip archive, copied it as an e-mail attachment to the file inbox or compressed files from your online storage into a Zip archive yourself, you can decompress this archive at any time. Simply select the desired Zip archive and click on "compress/decompress". The files contained in the archive are saved in a folder with the same name as the archive. If the Zip archive is in the file inbox, a folder with the same name is created under "my folders". However, if the Zip archive is in a folder you have created yourself, a subfolder with the name of the Zip archive is created in this folder. To access the desired files, you now only need to change to the created folder.

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