Create and manage file shares

You have the option of sending files not only as attachments, but also as links. In this case, a link is attached to the e-mail, which allows the recipient of the e-mail to download the file in question. The link is always valid for a certain period of time or loses its validity after a certain number of downloads. Providing a download link is always recommended if you want to provide a particularly large file.

Tip: Please note that the traffic generated by a download via a link will be deducted from your monthly available traffic volume.

Generating a link

A link for a file is always generated automatically if it is to be attached as a link to an e-mail. However, it is also possible to generate a link for a file yourself if it is to be communicated via another channel (e.g. blog, messenger). To do this, select the desired file and click on the tab "share". Here you will find a list of active links, if applicable. On the other hand, you can also generate a link. Simply enter a name under "Create new link" and click on "Create". The created link will appear in the list of active links.

Use link

If you now click on the created link, it will be displayed as marked and can be copied by you. If you click on the name of the link in the list, it is displayed for editing. Now you can see the complete link, change its name and also see how long it is still valid and how many downloads are still available. If you tick the relevant checkbox in the list, you can delete the link. It immediately becomes invalid.

Tip: For a better overview of the files for which you have created valid links, you only need to select the relevant filter. All files with active links are listed.

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