Opening and saving e-mail attachments

An e-mail can contain one or more file attachments. Attachments can be saved on the hard disk of your computer or directly in the file inbox of your account.

Saving an attachment in the file inbox

If you save an attachment in your file inbox, it will be available to you at any time and any place. Simply open the menu of the respective attachment by dragging the mouse over the small arrow (1) and then click on "save to file inbox". Of course, you can also drag and drop the attachment. A box with the heading "File Inbox" is immediately displayed within the tool box (the right-hand area). Drag the attachment into this box and it is immediately saved.

Saving an attachment to the hard disk

You can save an attachment to the hard disk of the computer you are currently at by simply clicking on the respective attachment. The dialogue of your computer will open, which you can simply follow. You also have the option to download all attachments of an e-mail in one step by clicking on "download all".

Open attachment

You can also open the most common file formats directly before saving them by clicking on "Open attachment" in the attachment menu [drag the mouse over the small arrow (1)]. If "Open attachment" is greyed out, i.e. inactive, the respective file format is not supported.

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