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In the webmailer you can see immediately whether you have already saved an e-mail address in the address book or whether it does not yet exist. You can see this in the From field, if the sender e-mail address has a grey background tone, it is not yet saved in the address book.

Saving an unknown e-mail address from an e-mail to the address book.

1. Double-click on the e-mail to open it in a new tab.

2. Move the mouse pointer in the direction of the From field, to the right of the e-mail address you will see a small triangle (1), click on it. Then click on "Save e-mail address" (2). [Save an unknown e-mail address].

3. The screen darkens and a message window appears. The toolbox opens on the right-hand side. Now you can choose whether you want to add the address to a contact or create a new contact. For example, if you want to create a new contact, click on "New contact".

4. The information regarding the sender's e-mail address is taken from the e-mail. You can now adapt these as desired (1).

5. Click on "Save" (2) to save the information in the address book. These can also be edited at any time if, for example, details have changed.

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