Use of the free and paid contingent

Free contingent

As a customer, you have a certain free quota of monthly free SMS/MMS depending on the package. Unused quotas expire at the end of each month. It is not the calendar month that counts, but the period of 30 days. A free SMS can have a maximum length of 160 characters, can only be sent to one recipient and is always sent without sender identification. A free SMS can only be sent to a mobile phone number registered in Germany. However, the recipient does not necessarily have to be in Germany.

Payment contingent

If you decide to top up your account, you have much more extensive functions regarding the sending of SMS. You can use your payment quota to send SMS messages either with or without a sender ID. If a text exceeds the length of 160 characters, this is no problem. Another SMS is simply sent. You can enter up to 960 characters (6x160) using such a chain SMS. With a charged account, you can also assign several recipients to a message.

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